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Southern born and bred, Willowbrook is proud to be from a small southern town full of charm and hospitality. We believe in hard work, creating only the best products you can buy and always saying “Please” and “Thank you”. Bragging rights we’ve earned, include being the number one scented sachet, we love being green and our packaging is as pretty as can be. We will continue to strive for excellence and create the quality products y’all love.

Willowbrook is dedicated to ensuring our superior sachets are manufactured in the USA. The unique and inviting fragrances are formulated in-house by their own fragrance experts to ensure the highest quality and value.

Our scented sachets are made of a non-toxic blend of vermiculite and fragrance. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from soil. We use it in our scented sachets because it is porous and absorbs our fragrance. Our fragrance formulation is proprietary. We adhere to strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), so you can be assured that our products are safe.

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