Our Brands

Bella Tavolo

Amazing melamine tableware of exceptional quality comprising eye catching pieces with matching smaller complimentary items.

All items are dishwasher safe and are suitable for temperatures from 18 degrees C to 120 degrees but not suitable for oven or microwave.

The colours and shapes of the bowls, platters and dishes are perfect for making a table statement and highlight whatever is placed on or in them.


Deeply rooted in creating everyday fragrance for the modern lifestyle, our humble origins began as a bedding plant business in 1975 started by husband and wife duo, Bob and Sylvia Caldwell. Armed with an idea Sylvia brought back from a craft show, the seed was planted and the original scented envelope sachet was created. With our first product, we entered the home fragrance market over 40 years ago.

Our team of artists hand paint classic patterns with a modern twist and work with our in-house fragrance lab to develop timeless fragrances home-grown in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We invite you to experience Greenleaf and make your everyday smell a little sweeter.

We believe in every day for every woman.

After launching the original envelope sachet, we have been committed to taking the success of our business and pouring it back into the lives of others, especially women. Now, we celebrate this mission through the Greenleaf Cares initiative. Through Greenleaf Cares, a portion of sales are donated to organizations to help break the cycle of human trafficking, which is the fastest growing crime in the world. Switch and Restavek Freedom are the first two non-profits to benefit from Greenleaf Cares, and we look forward to cultivating change and raising awareness of human trafficking while providing everyday home fragrance solutions for the modern, female lifestyle.

Michel Design Works

Michel Design Works is comprehensive Gift, Home & Lifestyle brand bringing you beautiful, high quality and affordable items for Every Room in the House.

Founded by Deborah and Bruce Michel in South Salem USA over 30 years ago, Michel Design Works has established a reputation for producing high quality products in beautiful packaging that make the perfect gift for any age or style.

The distinctive signature designs are inspired by gems of the past, full of history and romance and the beauty of nature.

All the products are high quality: The English Soaps are triple milled and the candles are made of clean-burning soy-wax from a renewable natural resource.

Michel Design Works are well known for their Christmas Designs – a wonderful mix of old and new. Their candles, room sprays, diffusers and soaps all fill the house with the scent of fresh pine and winter florals. The soft, triple-ply napkins come in 3 sizes and are perfect for entertaining.

The stunning patterns, vibrant colours, luxurious textures and delicious scents of all the ranges will dramatically enhance the mood and ambience in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bath and bedroom.

The products are so adaptable! The decorative pillows will grace a sofa or the BBQ area. The wooden trays are at home on a bedside table or bathroom vanity. And the melamine Platters and Bowls are perfect for casual indoor or outdoor entertaining.

Palm Breeze Foaming Hand Soap

Vinus Wine Accessories

Vinus from Vinus Technology is a collection of quality wine accessories sourced by wine lovers to enhance the pleasure of drinking wine.

Our quality wine accessories are sourced from manufacturers around the world and include the basic essentials of Vacuum Wine Saver, Coolers, Corkscrews, Breather/Pourer, Glass Markers, plus champagne stoppers and a solution for accidental wine spills.

Vinus wine accessories are exclusively distributed in New Zealand by Convino NZ Ltd, specialists in the art of wine.

PullTaps Corkscews

Pulltaps are the manufacturers of the most widely used corkscrews and wine accessories by wine professionals in the world.

All Pulltaps corkscrews and wine accessories are the result of constant innovation in the Pulltaps company so that wine professionals and wine lovers, such as wineries, sommeliers, waiters, restaurants, bars, etc. may enjoy wine and all its accompanying rituals.

The Pulltaps Corkscrew Features

  • Ergonomic chassis made of metal, with different finishes in paint or surface treatment.
  • Retractable spiral with antifriction coating such as “Teflon®”, which facilitates sliding in all types of cork or synthetic stoppers.
  • The spiral has been designed with the ideal angle of incidence , to start its function.
  • Built-in decapsulator for the opening of soft drink bottles.
  • Articulated beheaded blade.
  • Double nickel-plated articulated lever , which guarantees the vertical extraction of the cork.
Pulltap Corkscrew Bottle Opener


Cantina Arredo was founded in 1968 as a company operating in the promotion and distribution of wines and spirits. The founder of the company, Mr Parpajola, saw the need of the enologic world to have a professional series of wine service accessories.

This has been supported by the wine tradition of his family and by studies he made in Italy and beyond, which has led to him having an important standing in the world of wine. The development of the company has increased thanks to the multitude of original ideas and quality products which have been successful in the world of professional wine service, and recently, new products are showing an unmistakable Italian style and elegance.

The company headquarters are located in Campodarsego (Padova) which is approximately 25km from Venice, in North Eastern Italy. On the same site the commercial and logistical departments sit alongside the corkscrew company. A further 1km away lies the plastic materials company and additionally the group has partnerships with glass factories in both Slovakia and Slovenia for the production of their glass and crystal products.

Revolving Galaxy Wine Cooler & Display

Tote & Able

Made in California. The Tote + Able flasks are perfect for people who want to transport their drink to activities that make glass impractical. Think concerts, hiking, and at the hotel pool. Constructed of the same food safe, BPA free material used for collapsible baby bottles. Tote + Able have created a flexible washable and flavour neutral liner that can hold virtually any beverage.

The heavy weight canvas exterior makes the flasks rugged, foldable and easy to clean.


Developed by a wine lover to deal with those occasional spills. Oops! removes most red wine stains (both old and new) and is equally effective with fruit juices, sauces, cooking oils, coffee, cosmetics and some ink stains.

An Australian designed and manufactured product, Oops! is environmentally friendly as it contains natural citrus extracts and no bleaches or phosphates. It is biodegradable and has a delicate bouquet. It is suitable for use on most fabrics.

Stain Remover Spray Bottle 100 ml

IL Cosa

Il Cosa (Italian) = The Thing (English)

Just like its name, Il Cosa’s products are just ‘the thing’ to add that something extra to your bar collection and to make your drink adventures even more interesting.