Bridgewater Candle Company

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Introducing our beautiful range of candles from the Bridgewater Candle Company. With a powerful story behind this range, each candle that is sold, feeds a child.  In 2010, Bridgewater partnered with RiceBowls.Org, a non-profit organisation that provides food for orphans around the world.  Through this partnership, they donate 3 meals for every candle sold and with their help, over 8 million meals have been provided for children around the world who deserve a seat at the table.

Each candle comes with a personalised tag which includes a photo and name of the child you’ll be providing meals for.

Bridgewater Candles, a leader in the fragrance and candle market, is committed to providing meals to orphaned children through their unique ‘Light a Candle – Feed a Child’ program.  They hope to not only fight hunger for orphaned children, but to also help raise awareness for the global orphan crisis.

Purchase one of these beautiful candles today and help feel a child.