Padblocks Pad Cubes

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Presenting our colourful range of Pad Cubes by Padblocks. Reach for one of our gorgeous Pad Cubes when you want to jot down a shopping list, a phone number, or a reminder of any kind. A creative must-have for the kitchen counter, or by the phone. Made with paper from sustainable forests & manufactured in England.

Whether it’s placed on the side-table or the desk, these Pad Cubes have something to offer. With an impressive range of colours and designs, we assure you will find a style that is perfect for any house. Simply choose the Pad Cube that suits you best and match it with its Slant Pad pair, made with the same beautiful design and print. Made with a board base to hold the shape, and a vast amount of sheets, so you will never be short of something to write on again.