Cantina Decanting Sphere

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Cantina Decanting Sphere

Introducing our range of Wine Accessories by Cantina. For a quality-crafted solution, reach for our Decanting Sphere. This small, silver plated Decanting Sphere features deep crevices, which encourages the wine to separate when pouring into a decanter. The considerable surface contact between the wine and the silver plating also produces a chemical reaction which assists in the oxygenation process, and allows the true wine aromas to fully blossom. You can unscrew the small handle, and the sphere works equally as well as an elegant stopper. The Cantina Decanting Sphere is indeed ideal for hosting wine events, or parties.


Cantina Arredo
Cantina is a stunning collection of the finest quality wine and bar accessories. This ensures every gift they make will be a joy both to give and receive. This shows through our long standing importing partnership, which has lasted over 20 years. They founded in 1968, as a company operating in both the promotion and distribution of wines and spirits. The founder of the company, Mr Parpajola, saw the need of the enologic world to have a professional series of wine service accessories.

Explore our range of wine accessories and discover more quality-made products perfect for the wine enthusiast! We ensure all the products we import, from both local and international distributors, are of superior quality. Combine our wine accessories with products from our home-ware range to create unique and personalized gifts sure to be used and appreciated.

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