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Cantina ‘Zerrutti Turn’ Crystal Decanter ,


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Cantina ‘Zerrutti Turn’ Crystal Decanter

Introducing our reliable range of Glassware by Vinus. Enjoy the magnificent colour of your wine through the angles and punt of the striking Cantina ‘Zerrutti Turn’ Crystal Decanter. This Crystal Decanter is ideal for all wines, especially older wines. It’s timeless shape is the result of searching for a basic decanter that will fill all of your decanting needs. A very effective design to breathe wine quickly, based on an ancient shape. The wide and generous mouth of this 11% lead crystal, Mouth Blown Decanter, encourages careful decanting. This crystalline decanter is able to “roll” around the table gently swirling the wine, which allows the entire contents to come in contact with air. Stored on a silver nickel plated brass base when not in use. A beautiful way to display wine, water, or the beverage of your choice.

  • Approximate Size: Suitable for 750ml bottles.
  • Contains: 1 x ‘Zerrutti Turn’ Crystal Decanter
  • Suitable for: All Wines
  • Aged Wine: to eliminate the deposits that have formed over the years. Decant an aged wine just before serving
  • Young Wine: to gain some maturity, aerating will ‘soften’ the wine. Decant a young wine up to several hours before serving (depending on its origin and structure).
  • Champagne: to “awaken” a vintage champagne. Decant just before serving (to avoid excessive oxidation caused by the effervescence).

Cantina, creators of elegant Italian-style Glassware and Wine Accessories, ensures every gift they make will be a joy both to give and receive. Whether you’re looking for a hostess gift, or a way to say thank you, our attractive Crystal Decanters are the solution. The development of the company has increased due to the multitude of original ideas and quality products which have been successful in the world of professional wine service, and recently, new articles are showing an unmistakable Italian style and elegance. With a wide range of wine essentials; such as Decanters, Glassware, and Spittoons, they have a range of products.

Brought to you by Cantina, creators of stunning glassware, and beautiful wine accessories.

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