Cellardine Stainless Steel Wine Shower

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Cellardine Stainless Steel Wine Shower

Introducing our range of Wine and Bar Accessories by Cellardine. For a quality-crafted solution, reach for our Stainless Steel Wine Shower. This new design, high quality Stainless Steel Funnel simply sits inside the decanter and gently sprays the wine. This allows for an extraordinary level of oxygenation, that magnifies both the fragrance, and the aroma of the wine. This Funnel is indeed ideal for hosting wine events, or parties. Adorned with its own stand, the Cellardine Stainless Steel Wine Shower would make a great gift for any wine enthusiast!


CellarDine Limited
CellarDine is a stunning collection of the finest quality wine and bar accessories. Founded in 1998, CellarDine pursued to both incorporate design, and develop new innovative products for the housewares sector, with the prime objective in offering excellent quality and value for money. A forward thinking business with an emphasis on customer service that is second to none. As a United Kingdom based company, CellarDine distributes its core ranges around the world, and in addition, their superb relationship with its Far East and European factories provides an excellent opportunity to develop innovation, and meet the individual demands of its retail customers. The main purpose of the business is to create new exciting products that are useful, functional and original.

Explore our range of wine accessories and discover more quality-made products perfect for the wine enthusiast! We ensure all the products we import, from both local and international distributors, are of superior quality. Combine our wine accessories with products from our home-ware range to create unique and personalized gifts, made for appreciation.

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