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Oenophilia Cascadia Wine Funnel , ,

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Oenophilia Cascadia Wine Funnel

Introducing our reliable range of Wine Accessories by Oenophilia. Pour wine drip-free and with ease, with the Oenophilia Cascadia Wine Funnel. This Wine Funnel distributes wine to all sides of the decanter to provide greatest air exposure, while a stainless steel screen insert catches any sediment. This acrylic Wine Funnel features a soft-grip base that fits into most Wine Glass tops. With this Wine Funnel at your disposal, you can go to town on your wine collection without wasting what you can’t finish. With a stainless steel stand for easy storage, this is the perfect gift for wine entrepreneurs.

  • Approximate Size: One size fits all
  • Contains: 1 Cascadia Wine Funnel and 1 Stainless Steel Stand
  • Colour: Clear / Grey

Insert Pourers into open bottle for safe, and easy pouring, and aeration. Store wine in a cool place away from direct sunlight for best results. Research suggests that 98% of wine is consumed too soon after opening and often lacks life. Oxygenating your wine through this Wine Funnel maximizes the wine’s exposure to oxygen that stimulates and accentuates aromas. This breaks up flavour molecules, softening the palate and improving the ‘drink-ability’ of most wines.

Oenophilia’s specialization in the finest wine and bar accessories ensures every gift they make will be a joy both to give and receive. Whether you’re looking for a hostess gift, or simply a way to say thank you, our attractive Cascadia Wine Funnel is the solution. With a wide range of classic, colorful (and sometimes quirky) items, there’s something for everyone.

Brought to you by Oenophilia, creator of gorgeous wine accessories, and beautiful barware products.

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