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Cantina Arredo was founded in 1968 as a company operating in the promotion and distribution of wines and spirits. The founder of the company, Mr Parpajola, saw the need of the enologic world to have a professional series of wine service accessories.

This has been supported by the wine tradition of his family and by studies he made in Italy and beyond, which has led to him having an important standing in the world of wine. The development of the company has increased thanks to the multitude of original ideas and quality products which have been successful in the world of professional wine service, and recently, new products are showing an unmistakable Italian style and elegance.

The company headquarters are located in Campodarsego (Padova) which is approximately 25km from Venice, in North Eastern Italy. On the same site the commercial and logistical departments sit alongside the corkscrew company. A further 1km away lies the plastic materials company and additionally the group has partnerships with glass factories in both Slovakia and Slovenia for the production of their glass and crystal products.

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