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Pulltaps are the manufacturers of the most widely used corkscrews and wine accessories by wine professionals in the world.

All Pulltaps corkscrews and wine accessories are the result of constant innovation in the Pulltaps company so that wine professionals and wine lovers, such as wineries, sommeliers, waiters, restaurants, bars, etc. may enjoy wine and all its accompanying rituals.

The Pulltaps Corkscrew Features

  • Ergonomic chassis made of metal, with different finishes in paint or surface treatment.
  • Retractable spiral with antifriction coating such as “Teflon®”, which facilitates sliding in all types of cork or synthetic stoppers.
  • The spiral has been designed with the ideal angle of incidence , to start its function.
  • Built-in decapsulator for the opening of soft drink bottles.
  • Articulated beheaded blade.
  • Double nickel-plated articulated lever , which guarantees the vertical extraction of the cork.

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